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Motivational Interviewing

Training for Beginners

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based guiding style of communication that awakens an individual’s own motivation for change. It is a way of talking about change with someone who is ambivalent about change, in a collaborative and supportive way.


While leaning on the MI spirit of partnership, acceptance, compassion and evocation, the helper skillfully uses open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries, in a way that reduces communication roadblocks between the helper and the individual.


This collaborative and supportive style of communication is an alternative to communicating with an individual in a way that shames, blames, coerces and persuades when discussing the topic of change. When the spirit of motivational interviewing is applied, it can be an effective communication tool for helpers to support an individual in their growth and development.

Motivational interviewing is used by helping professionals in various settings, including:

  • Healthcare 

  • Corrections 

  • Social Services

  • Workplace

  • Coaching 

  • Addictions Treatment

This 12 hour live virtual instructor-led training will include video demonstrations, participant role plays, reflective practice, group discussions and small group activities. This training does not include coaching or the supervised practice of skills. This is for beginners who are seeking to understand and explore an alternative style of communicating when helping an individual to strengthen their personal motivation for and commitment to a specific change goal.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Motivational Interviewing

  • Explain how the spirit and core skills of motivational interviewing can be used to support an individual’s growth and development by helping them to discover their own motivation for change in a supportive and collaborative way

  • Practice applying the skills of motivational interviewing

To inquire about scheduling a group training for your staff/group, contact adash@thepaceinstitute.com.

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