Skills Training

The Pace Institute offers group learning opportunities geared towards the development of individuals and organizations with an emphasis on enhancing the ability to strengthen relationships, manage conflict, inspire change, and improve employee and overall organizational well-being. 

Live Virtual and In-Person
Group Learning Offerings

Navigating and Embracing Personality Differences

Fundamentals of
Motivating Employees

Emotional Intelligence: The Smart that Sets You Apart

Taking Control of Conflict
in the Workplace

Assertive Communication Skills for the Workplace

Transformational Leadership Practices

Customized workshop design and delivery is also available, upon request.

To request a training for your group, email: or call 404-369-0671.

Other Group Offerings

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The Pace Institute offers the Thinking for a Change Facilitator's training program. T4C is an evidenced-based cognitive behavior intervention program used by justice and behavioral health professionals to support at-risk and court connected juveniles and adults in changing their lives by learning how to change their thinking. 

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In-person or live virtual

Using the Real Colors® personality type test as a foundation, the Real Colors® Team Strengthening

Retreats are about individual and team discovery, relationship strengthening, and appreciation for the diverse strengths and needs of each individual team member. The retreats are fun while improving team communication and collaboration.

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In person or live-virtual

The Pace Institute offers training to support organizations in fostering a more civil, inclusive, and productive workplace using an award-winning program. Using both leader-focused and employee-focused trainings, members of your organization can gain the knowledge and heart needed to support a healthy and productive workplace.